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Life of the little rottie named Roki

Woof! My name is Roki and I am a Rottweiler puppy. I was born in 16.8.2015, Estonia. I moved to Finland to my very best mommy and daddy in 4.10.2015. I like everyone and everything but favourite stuff for me is eating yummy bones, sleeping, exploring the world and playing with my other doggyfriends.

At this age I was such a sleepy ball of fluff but when I wasn't sleeping there was a lot of going on!
One day after I woke up from my nap, Dad told me that we were going for an adventure that day. I didn't know what kind of adventure it was going to be but I was ready for it. The whole family went outside and started walking to the subway station. I was excited that I was able to travel on subway again because I got a lot of treats and attention from nice people.

We got off the subway on station that I had never seen before. I was getting a little anxious. Then I traveled in bus for the first time in my life. It was nice because all I heard was: ”Omg, how cute is that puppy! So sweet!” and people asked if they could pet me and of course they got permission to do that.

After a while the bus stopped and it was our time to get out of it. We were in totally strange enviroment and I was so stressed out so I started crying out loud. I didn't know where we were going and I was really confused. Mom and Dad told me that everything was okay and we were almost there. The journey felt so long but finally, we were in our destination; the veterinarian office.

We went inside and there was a really old dog with a weird eye. I wanted to play with her but she wasn't interested. She looked very sad. I wanted to cheer her up by kissing her but she didn't even look at me. I also heard a cat meowing in it's basket.

Soon a vet came to us and said: ”Is Roki here?” I heard my name and I thought that he was going to be my new friend! In the vet's room Mom lifted me on the table and the vet checked me out. He said that I was in brilliant condition. Then he gave me some treats and a vaccination. I didn't even feel it. Then we left and I was really happy. When we got back at home, I slept almost the whole day.


Here is some cute pictures and a video of me taken from the field nearby my home:

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Hello again!
This week I met someone like me...

One day I was going out with my Mom. We were going to play with my ball in the nearby field.
But when we arrived to the field, we saw a man and his dog playing in the distant. The man stopped playing with his dog and started walking towards us. He came to us and said: ”I saw that you have a cute rottweiler puppy! I had to come and see it closer! I have a rottweiler too.”

Then we started to walk back to his dog. It was a 4 years old girl. Her name was Alma. I started to lick her slobber and kiss her as much as I could. She totally ignored me though and stole my ball. She looked so happy playing with my ball rolling in the grass with it. In trade the man gave me a frisbee. I investigated it closely for a minute but I was more interested about this gorgeous lady. 

I ran behind her but couldn't catch her. After 15 minutes of running behind her I was getting really tired. I was really happy that I met this rottweiler. She reminded me of my rottweiler-mommy.
Mom saw I was getting sleepy so we said bye bye and headed back home. 

This week I had many new experiences like getting my fur brushed, getting my nails cut and taking a bath. The first bath time wasn't my favourite thing to experience but it was okay. The nail cutting was okay too with the treats. But I really liked getting brushed. 

I was confused about the object at first but Mom told me to stay still and she would let me to take a closer look at it later. After she had brushed me from everywhere, even the tip of my tail, she gave me the brush and I started to investigate and play with it.

                              Here's a video of me playing with the brush

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On "First Week" I told you about Kami the Landseer. Well, she came to visit again! It went better this time.

This time I felt more safe around her and I was even brave enough to get close to her by myself.
She was eating some delicious bone that I had never tasted before. So, I decided that I had to get to taste it somehow. 

I gathered some courage and went close to her and took the bone out of her mouth. She was really confused how a little guy like me could do that. The bone was huge so Mom came and splitted it so we both could eat it. It was the best bone I had ever tasted, yum!

Kami ate her bone much faster than me and she tried to come near me and take my split of the bone. I didn't want to give it to her so I started growling! Everyone else thought it was cute and funny, but Kami was just confused again.

One day was really exciting for me, I was in the subway and tram for the first time in my life!
I was really calm in the subway. I got alot of treats because I sat so nicely. Random people distracted me sometimes but everyone told my Mom and Dad that it was weird for my age to be as calm as I was. My parents were really proud of me of course.

It was a long trip but in the destination I made a new friend, Lola the Miniature Poodle.
She is 8 years old already but she is as fast as lightning! I didn't have any change to catch her yet.

                                                       I might be a bit older in this video but Mom or Dad couldn't find a video from our first meeting 

After running outside we went at Lola's home. She was really strict about the places I could go to. She was following me everywhere, maybe so I couldn't do anything stupid...

Mom and Dad also got a really huge box full of goodies, just for me! 

                       Here's a video of me playing with Piggy from the box

                                     Here's some pictures of me:

                                                                   "Mom, I'm sitting, gimme the treat!"

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Woof, hey again!

These few weeks were full of new adventures like meeting some new people and other stuff. I have got a hang of our routines in my new family and I learned what ”Roki” means... it's my name!

I have put a smile on my mom's and dad's face everyday, they tell me that I am so silly sometimes. They tell me that most of the puppies chew on shoes but not me! I have started to carry shoes around the house and leave them laying all over. They've laught at it usually but they've got a little pit pissed off about it when they are in a hurry and can't find their shoes. They don't yell at me though because how could I know afterwards what had I done wrong.

So, I don't chew on furniture or shoes, but I love to chew on my Dad's gym rug and everything else gym-related stuff! And sometimes I pee or poop on them even though I know I should do my needs on newspaper...

I got a new cool red collar. It got me some time to get used to it because it made my neck itch a lot. I had to scratch it every other second. 

I was walking free for my first week in new home, but I've got a lot braver and I've wanted to search every corner and bush. I've also wanted to make everyone my friend so I've started to run to every neighbour while we were outside. I get a lot of scratches from nice neighbours but Mom and Dad doesn't appreciate me running towards everyone I see.

So I got a leash...

I couldn't walk free anymore. Mom and Dad told me that it's because I am a citydog so I can't walk around free all the time so I should learn how to walk on a leash. That means no pulling! In my opinion walking on leash is much harder than learning how to sit. I can't help myself with pulling, but if I pull, I can't get any forward. I have to sit and watch Mom or Dad in the eyes before we can keep going. And I get a treat of course!

Most of my neighbours are really nice and no one has said a single mean thing about me!
But there is this one neighbour I met. I though that she was nice but I was wrong. Here is the story of what happened in summary:

So, I was on leash walking with my Mom and Dad. This woman was nearby and got really excited about me. She seemed so nice so Mom let her pet me. She stank weird (Mom told me afterwards that she was drunk) but I didn't mind because she was nice to me. But then she took my leash of without asking my Mom's permission. She just said to my Mom: ”It's so nice to keep dogs free like you used to keep him free too, I have seen you playing from the window!”
Right after I saw other neighbours coming out of the building and I started running behind them.
My Mom said to this drunken woman: ”That's why we don't keep him free all the time anymore.”
Mom yelled at me: ”No, Roki, come here!”, so I stopped eventually and came back to her. She took me to her arms and said: ”Good boy that you came back to me, good boy”

Then the drunken woman came to us again and told my Mom that she had done wrong and then she without any permission, punished me by grabbing and shaking me from behind my neck. My Mom said to this woman: ”No! I did the right thing, you should never punish a dog who comes back to you when told so.” Then we went back inside.

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This week I was spending getting to know my new home and my new Mom and Dad. They changed from stranger people to Mom and Dad, because they've been taking really good care of me and I have started to trust them more and more.

My new home is really neat. I have found some really good places to take my naps. For example under the bed and the closet in the lobby. I can even open the sliding door of the closet.

                            Me sleeping in the closet with shoes

In the outside world I have found a lot stuff to eat. My by far favourites has been little rocks, pine cones, sand and rotten leafs. Yum! The outside world is like a never ending buffet. You can eat as much as you like! But Mom and Dad always take them out of my mouth and tell me not to eat everything I find from the ground...

I've got new toys too. At first I got really confused about the sound they made, but I like playing with them!

                      Here's a video of me playing with my new squeaky toy


Mom and dad have also given me some chewing sticks. I need some help eating them though. I don't know how to keep them in my paws so someone needs to keep the stick still!



This week I met my very first doggy-friend! Or well, I think that we will be friends when I get bigger. Her name is Kami and her breed is Landseer. I couldn't play with her because she was huge! She wanted to play with me though but I found her big paws terrifying and I ran away from her right to Mom's lap. I was only as big as her head.

My mommy taught me the very first trick; sit. It was really easy and Mom is really proud of me. I like learning stuff, I get a lot of treats and praises!

In summary, this week was really fun. 
Thank you for reading. 

I had just turned 7 weeks old and this was the most exciting day of my life so far. I had my very first trip on ship with my siblings. It was really tiring yet so exciting trip for us.

When we got out from the ship with my breeder mom and dad, I had no idea what was going to happen next. We got to the car and next we went to this apartment house area and I got to play for a while on the yard with my breeder dad.

We waited for a while but then I saw two persons walking toward us from the apartment house in front of us. They seemed friendly so I ran right to them and the stranger woman took me to her arms and said: ”Aww, he is so fluffy!” Then she let me down again. Stranger man also pet me and I felt loved.

Next thing I saw was my breeder dad walking away from me looking a bit sad so I started running behind him trying to catch him. He said ”bye Junnu” and turned me around towards these nice stranger people. The stranger woman took me to her arms again and that was the last time I saw my breeder dad.

Next we went inside to their apartment. It was a new environment for me and they let me look and sniff around the apartment first. I was crying a bit because I was so confused. They gave me some food and water. After eating I got a toy from this stranger man, it was a Minion. I liked it and started to explore the new place with my new Minion-friend.

First thing I found was my brother in the bedroom! I was excited! He moved like me and wanted to play. I was excited about my new toy so I wanted to show it to my brother. I took Minion in my mouth and carried it in front of my brother. But he had the same toy! That's when I realised it wasn't my brother but a stupid mirror.
I was crying and went to the stranger man's lap. He calmed me down.

                      Here's a video of what happened:

They had made me a nice little bed too. It was a bed for little dogs, and I had plenty of room in it. It was full of other toys like a ball, a long snake toy and many others. I was playing with my little ball for a little bit of time but the long travel in the ship and car was so tiring for a little puppy like me, I fell asleep quickly.

After I woke up, they took me outside fast. We played outside and they said a lot of this word ”Roki”. I didn't know what it meant but I was going to find out.


After a long day of travelling, playing and exploring the new place, it was time for a good night sleep. I was a bit restless and crying because I was missing my siblings. After all I felt a bit more relaxed and safe in this new environment, I went to sleep next to my comfy bed.

Me and my new bestfriend, Minion

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